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Practical Life

In the Practical Life area, the exercises and activities help children develop coordination, concentration, self-confidence as well as life skills. While children observe and make connections between everyday life and the activities in this area, they develop a sense of care towards themselves, others and the environment. Many of the exercises develop children’s muscular coordination and encourage order and independence. Children learn to explore and work at their own pace and at their own level in a purposeful way.

Mathematics is an abstract concept that is all around us. Children are naturally drawn to the science of numbers, patterns and sequences. Montessori uses the manipulation of concrete materials to help children develop their ability to count, compute and build numerical connections. With practice, children build a solid foundation of basic mathematical principles that sets the premise for abstract thinking and problem-solving capabilities.

Language and Literacy

Language development begins from birth. In a Montessori classroom, children are further exposed to language through conversing with their teachers and peers as well as listening to oral stories and reading literature.